Welcome to the Peaceful Acres website!

We are so excited you stopped by- and we are SUPER  excited to share with you… we have eggs available!

Over the past year, we have been planning and preparing the farmstead for our chickens, and FINALLY we are getting enough to sustain a customer base! This past Saturday, our oldest children were blessed to be able to set up and sell their eggs in town at ‘Bobbie’s Gift Shop’  ! And… we still have plenty to share!

So- if you’ve been wanting farm fresh eggs, letus know! We are hoping to set up a delivery service-
so fresh eggs, delivered to your door, or any meeting place in Mercersburg!

Our hens are fed a wonder non-GMO, soy free feed (sourced locally), spoiled with table scraps and raised on pasture. We do not wash our eggs until delivery, insuring their natural protective coating (the bloom) keeps them sealed and fresh!
Cost is just $3/ dozen delivered within Mercersburg…
or you can catch the kids selling eggs in front of Bobbie’s Gift Shop for $2.25/ dozen a few Saturday’s a month!

In the coming months, we plan to add lambs, meat chickens, and turkeys to the farmstead as we gear up our ‘expansion plan’ for the year! Keep checking back for prices and to see all the exciting things going on at the farm!